Dual Port Filler Breather Adapter

We have been a supplier of standard and Servo hydraulic manifolds and adapters for over 10 years and recently developed an innovative reservoir filler-breather adapter and off-line filter/cooler equipment to improve the cleanliness level of oil to meet and exceed required ISO values that significantly extends the life of hydraulic systems. This adapter complements our product line of manifolds and servo valve adapters.

The filler-breather adapter can be used for:

• Addition of off-line equipment
• Oil filler port with quick disconnect
• Secondary hydraulic system
• Supplies suction and return for simple hydraulic horizontal mounted pumps
• -12 SAE ports for higher flows
• The adapter bottom has two 3/4” NPT ports for down tubes

The off-line filters are supplied with DP gauges or transmitters to communicate when to change elements. The flow is constant so there is no contaminate migration to re-contaminate the downstream oil. Water removal elements are available to eliminate free and emulsified water.

The dual port design provides separate lines for suction and return without disturbing the main system operation. This design provides easy access to an off-line oil filter and/or oil cooler.

Dual Port Filler Breather adapter
Dual Port Filler Breather adapter's Diagram
Dual Port Filler Breather Adapter
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